Citizens’ Advisory Committee – CAC

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The Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) is responsible for providing citizen input and recommendations to the TPO Board concerning transportation planning and programming; for review of all transportation studies, reports, and plans and/or programs; and for making recommendations to the TPO Board that are pertinent to the subject document.  Subcommittees, Task Forces and Working Groups shall be designated by the CAC as necessary to investigate and report on specific subject areas of interest to the CAC.  The CAC meets on the third Tuesday of each month (except July and December which are typically cancelled) at 1:15 p.m.



A. The citizens of the metropolitan planning area shall be involved in the transportation planning process by the establishment of a citizens advisory group. The purpose shall be to seek input on planning proposals and to provide comment with respect to various segments of the population in regard to their transportation needs. It shall be the function of the CAC to:
1. Assist the River to Sea TPO in the formulation of goals and objectives for shaping the urban environment
2. Conduct public information programs
3. Provide effective citizen review of the preliminary findings and recommendations of transportation planning studies throughout the planning area
4. Assist in other functions as deemed desirable by the River to Sea TPO Board

B. The CAC shall be comprised of thirty (30) voting representatives. Each elected official serving on the TPO Board, including the non-voting members of the Small City Alliance, shall appoint in writing one (1) representative to serve on the committee. Also serving as a voting member shall be one (1) representative from the Volusia County School Board, one (1) representative from Flagler County School Board, one (1) representative from Votran and one (1) representative from Flagler County Transit acting as the Community Transportation Coordinators (CTC).

C. The non-voting advisors to the CAC shall consist of a representative of Volusia County Traffic Engineering and a representative of Flagler County Traffic Engineering or Planning.

D. A FDOT District 5 staff member shall serve as a non-voting advisor to the CAC.

E. River to Sea TPO staff will provide support for the meeting.


A. Voting members of the CAC must be residents of the area in which they are appointed to represent and shall not be elected officials or staff paid to attend meetings.

B. One alternate may be appointed for each CAC position. Alternates must be appointed by the TPO Board member, in writing, and may participate in the meeting and vote only in the absence of the primary member.

C. Voting members and their alternates shall serve at the pleasure of their respective TPO Board member for a period of time to be determined by the River to Sea TPO Board member that is being represented. To ensure continuous representation, a voting member of the CAC may continue to serve beyond the term of the appointing board member until a replacement has been appointed.

D. Any vacancies in membership shall be filled in the same manner as the initial appointment.

E. Each member is expected to demonstrate his/her interest in the CAC’s activities through participation in the scheduled meetings except for reasons of an unavoidable nature. In cases of unavoidable nature, each representative should ensure his/her alternate attends. No more than three (3) consecutive absences will be allowed by the representative or alternate. Should a member have three (3) consecutive absences, excused or unexcused, and/or three (3) meetings, unexcused in a calendar year, a letter will be sent to the board member that designated the CAC member informing them of the attendance record.

F. Municipalities and agencies, in selecting their non-voting representatives, shall name only those technically qualified persons employed by a government or governmental agency.

G. An alternate may be named, approved and confirmed for each non-voting advisor, provided the recommended alternate meets the technical qualifications set forth in the preceding items.


A. Annually, nominations from the floor will be provided by those committee members present at the regularly scheduled meeting in June for the purpose of electing the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

B. Officers shall be elected by a majority of the members present at the June meeting and shall serve a term of one year, starting on July 1st of each year.

C. CAC officers cannot serve more than two (2) consecutive terms for the same office. At no time, may a non-voting staff support advisor serve as an officer for the CAC.

D. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings, and in the event of his/her absence or at his/her direction, the Vice Chairperson shall assume the powers and duties of the Chairperson. In addition, the Chairperson shall serve on the River to Sea TPO Board as a non-voting member and attend the regular monthly TPO Board meetings in order to represent the discussions and actions of the CAC.


A. Monthly meetings of the CAC shall be held on a regularly scheduled day, time and place approved by the CAC membership. Regular meeting dates and times may be changed by action of the CAC to accommodate holidays and/or other activities that may interrupt a scheduled meeting.

B. Special and/or emergency meetings may be called by the Chairperson or by initiative of two or more members of the CAC petitioning the Chairperson. At least two (2) business days notice must be provided to the members and alternates for special or emergency meetings.

C. A minimum of nine (9) voting members of the CAC must be present to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Once a quorum has been determined at the start of the meeting, items on the agenda may be voted on. The action of a simple majority of the members present during the time of a vote shall be considered an act of the CAC. If at any point during the meeting attendance drops to less than nine (9) voting members, no further actions will be taken by the committee; however, presentations and other business may continue.

D. The agenda for the CAC includes presentations and actions required to support recommendations for the TPO Board as set by the Executive Committee and transportation-related items of interest identified by members. TPO staff and presenters will provide timely input/materials for the CAC agenda.

E. Each member is expected to participate at all meetings. It is the responsibility of each member to contact the River to Sea TPO staff one day prior to a scheduled meeting informing them of their expected absence.

F. The River to Sea TPO staff is responsible for the minutes of the meetings and for all notices and agendas for future meetings. The TPO shall furnish a Recording Secretary for all CAC meetings.

G. Notices and tentative agendas shall be sent to members five (5) working days prior to regular meeting dates.

H. Requests for agenda changes must be received by the Chairperson or TPO staff at least three (3) working days prior to the regular meetings or one (1) working day prior to special meetings.

I. Meetings will be open to the public and press, and time will be allocated for public comment. Public comment will generally be limited to three (3) minutes but may be expanded at the discretion of the Chairperson.

J. Meetings of the CAC shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order unless otherwise outlined in these Bylaws.


A. The CAC, composed of citizens from the planning area who represent the various segments of the populace, should actively represent all segments of the general public and their concern in the transportation planning process.

B. The CAC shall be charged with the responsibility for providing citizen input and recommendations to the TPO concerning transportation planning and programming; for review of all transportation studies, reports, and plans and/or programs; and for making recommendations to the River to Sea TPO that are pertinent to the subject document.

C. Subcommittees, task forces and working groups shall be designated by the CAC as necessary to investigate and report on specific subject areas of interest to the CAC.

D. Members of the CAC shall provide a monthly written summary report of each CAC meeting to his/her city/county representative in a timely fashion. The written report will be provided by TPO staff.

E. Members of the CAC shall not express their individual and/or personal views as those of the CAC, unless the CAC has, through a majority vote of those members present at a meeting, expressed such opinions.


A. Subcommittees shall be designated by the CAC as necessary to investigate and report on specific subject areas of interest to the CAC. Subcommittees may also be designated as necessary to deal with administrative and legislative procedures relating to the CAC. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Airports
  • Highways
  • Mass Transit
  • Transportation needs of “transportation disadvantaged” groups
  • Directions for future growth (local comprehensive plan reviews)
  • Nominating Committee
  • Freight

B. When a subcommittee is convened, the first action of the subcommittee shall be to establish the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, outline the scope of activities of the subcommittee, the expected duration of the group and frequency of meetings. A summary report of each meeting will be made available.


Voting Members

  • Beverly Beach Vacant
  • Bunnell Vacant
  • Daytona Beach Vacant
  • Daytona Beach Shores Vacant
  • DeBary Ralph Bove
  • DeLand Vacant
  • Deltona Janet Deyette
  • Edgewater Daniel Klasel Jr.
    Ferd Heeb (alternate)
  • Flagler Beach Mary Dioguardi
  • Flagler County Marcia Stevens-Foltz
  • Flagler County Schools Vacant
  • Holly Hill Gilles Blais
  • Lake Helen Rick Basso
    Linda Provost (alternate)
  • New Smyrna Beach Nora Jane Gillespie - Chairperson
  • Oak Hill Vacant
  • Orange City Bob Storke
  • Ormond Beach Roger Strcula
  • Palm Coast Alan Peterson - Vice Chairperson
  • Pierson Susan Elliott
  • Ponce Inlet Joe Villanella
  • Port Orange Bobby Ball
  • South Daytona Jack Delaney
  • Volusia County - District 2 Patricia Lipovsky
  • Volusia County - District 1 Vacant
  • Volusia County - County Chair Dave Castagnacci
  • Volusia County - District 3 Vacant
  • Volusia County - At Large Elizabeth Alicia Lendian
  • Volusia County School Board Vacant
  • Votran Edie Biro
    John Cotton (alternate)

Non-Voting Members

  • FDOT (non-voting advisor) Vickie Wyche
  • Flagler County Traffic Engineering Faith Alkhatib
    Richard Gordon (alternate)
  • Flagler County Transit Tisha Peterson
  • Volusia County Traffic Engineering Melissa Winsett
    Jon Cheney (alternate)



06-16-2020 CAC-TCC Agenda
Action Item H – Tentative Cost Feasible Plan – Other Arterials_Working Draft_06122020
Action Item H – Tentative Cost Feasible Plan – SIS_Working Draft_06152020
Presentation Item A – Draft Connect 2045 Funding Scenario 06152020
Tell the TPO Presentation Final – June CAC-TCC

Please join the CAC meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone by clicking the link below:

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679
United States: +1 (669) 224-3318

Access Code: 617-524-341

05-19-2020 CAC-TCC Agenda
Action Item A – Revised PIP – Marked up Version
Presentation Item A – Resiliency Scenario Maps – Working DRAFT_05142020
Presentation Item A – Resiliency Scenario Narrative – Working DRAFT_ 05142020
Presentation Item A – Technology Scenario Maps – Working DRAFT _05142020
Presentation Item A – Technology Scenario Narrative – Working DRAFT_ 05142020
Presentation Item D – 2020 Lists of Prioritized Projects (DRAFT 05.18.2020)
Presentation A – Preliminary CF Plan – Working Draft_05182020
Presentation A – SIS Criteria – Working Draft_05182020
Presentation A – OA Criteria – Working Draft – 05182020

04-21-2020 CAC-TCC Agenda
04-21-2020 CAC Report

Connect 2045 Needs Assessment Maps – DRAFT
Prioritization Approach – Connect 2045 DRAFT v3 04162020
R2CTPO Revised Draft Sea Level Rise Planning Policy Statement

03-17-20 CAC-TCC Agenda
02-18-20 CAC TCC Agenda
01-21-20 CAC-TCC Agenda


11-19-19 CAC-TCC Agenda
October 2019 Outreach and Events

10-15-19 CAC-TCC Agenda
FDOT FTP 2045 Presentation

09-17-19 CAC-TCC Agenda
2040 LRTP Summary Draft
R2CTPO-2040-LRTP-Documentation pages 67-74 Draft
Appendix N Draft 

08-20-19 CAC TCC Agenda
Draft FY 2019-20 – FY 2023-24 TIP (8-13-19)
FDOT Roll Forward Report

06-18-19 CAC-TCC Agenda
DRAFT Resolution 2019-XX (Opposition to the DRAFT LAP Policy Proposed by FDOT)

05-21-19 CAC-TCC Agenda
E ECFRRAP Presentation
F Presentation LPGA SubArea Presentation

DRAFT FY 2019-20 – FY 2023-24 TIP (5-14-19)
TIP Compare Report (Current Adopted TIP to Proposed New)

04-16-19 CAC-TCC Agenda
DRAFT Public Participation Plan (Draft 04-05-19)
04-16-19 CAC-TCC Handout

03-19-19 CAC-TCC Agenda
Transportation Acronyms
03-19-19 CAC-TCC Handouts

02-19-19 CAC-TCC Agenda
Safety Targets Exhibit A
02-19-19 CAC TCC Handout
West Volusia Service Changes and Addition to Groups

01-15-19 CAC TCC Agenda
R2C Final- 2018 Tentative WP


11-20-18 CAC-TCC Agenda
R2CTPO SE Data Comments – Volusia County SE Data – Flagler County SE Data

10-16-18 CAC-TCC Agenda

09-18-18 CAC-TCC Agenda
Performance Measures Presentation
Draft CMP Performance Measures Report (9-11-18)
TPO Roadway Safety and Improvement Study Final Draft
SR 417 Extension Feasibility Report (Final Draft) (opens a new link to the TPO’s file transfer site)
09-18-18 CAC Handout

08-21-18 CAC-TCC Agenda
DRAFT FY 2018-19 to FY 2022-23 TIP (8-13-18)
08-21-18 CAC Handouts

06-19-18 CAC-TCC Agenda

05-15-18 CAC – TCC Agenda
05-15-18 CAC-TCC Handouts
Central Florida Regional Planning Study Presentation
DRAFT FY 2018-19 to FY 2022-23 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
DRAFT TIP Compare Report (Current Adopted TIP to Proposed New TIP)

04-17-18 CAC – TCC Agenda
04-17-18 CAC Handouts

03-20-18 CAC-TCC Agenda
SJR2C Loop PD&E Study Presentation
03-20-18 CAC-TCC Handouts

02-20-18 CAC – TCC Agenda

01-16-18 CAC-TCC Agenda
Performance Measures Data Presentation






01-21-20 CAC Minutes
02-18-20 CAC Minutes
03-17-20 CAC Minutes
04-21-20 CAC Minutes
05-19-20 CAC Minutes


11-19-19 CAC Minutes
10-15-19 CAC Minutes
09-17-19 CAC Minutes
08-20-19 CAC Minutes
06-18-19 CAC Minutes
05-21-19 CAC Minutes
04-16-19 CAC Minutes
03-19-19 CAC Minutes
02-19-19 CAC Minutes
01-15-19 CAC Minutes

11-20-18 CAC Minutes
10-16-18 CAC Minutes
09-18-18 CAC Minutes
08-21-18 CAC Minutes
06-19-18 CAC Minutes
05-15-18 CAC Minutes (as amended 06-19-18)
04-17-18 CAC Minutes
03-20-18 CAC Minutes
02-20-18 CAC Minutes
01-16-18 CAC Minutes