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An Executive Committee of the TPO Board, consisting of the TPO Chairperson, immediate Past Chairperson, 1st Vice Chairperson/Treasurer, 2nd Vice Chairperson/Secretary and three (3) TPO Board members appointed by the TPO Chairperson to serve a one-year term, is hereby created and empowered to meet separately to establish the TPO Board agenda. The Chairperson will make all reasonable efforts to appoint members to the Executive Committee who represent the diverse interests of the board including the varying sizes and geographical locations of local governments represented. The Executive  Committee  shall  also have limited budget authority to move funds from task to task within the adopted Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and adopted budget, and to authorize the execution of contracts for services delineated within the adopted UPWP and/or items approved within the  adopted budget. In addition, the Executive Committee shall have the authority to take ministerial or administrative actions on behalf of the TPO in the ordinary course of business of the TPO.

The Executive Committee shall meet no less than ten (10) times per calendar year (meetings will not be scheduled for the months of July and December unless a special meeting is called). For those months in which an Executive Committee meeting is scheduled, at the beginning of each year, the newly appointed committee shall set the date and time it will meet for that year. Currently, the Executive Committee meetings are scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m.  On an annual basis, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the evaluation of the Executive Director and shall make a recommendation to the TPO Board regarding the Executive Director’s performance and contract.


Voting Members

  • Volusia County - District 3 Volusia County Council Vice Chair Deb Denys
    TPO Chairperson
  • DeBary Vice Mayor Lita Handy-Peters
    1st Vice Chairperson
  • Daytona Beach Commissioner Rob Gilliland
    2nd Vice Chairperson
  • New Smyrna Beach Commissioner Jason McGuirk
  • Deltona Commissioner Chris Nabicht
  • Volusia County - District 1 Council Member Pat Patterson
  • Flagler Beach Commissioner Marshall Shupe - Immediate Past Chairperson


06-06-18 Amended Executive Committee Agenda
06-06-18 Executive Committee Agenda
TPO FY 17-18 Budget Amendment

05-02-18 Executive Committee Agenda

04-04-18 Executive Committee Agenda

03-07-18 Executive Committee Agenda
Office Lease Amendment
R2CTPO 2017 Certification 3-1-18

02-12-18 Rescheduled Executive Committee Agenda
02-07-18 Executive Committee Agenda
02-07-18 Root original lease
01-03-18 Executive Committee Agenda

11-01-17 Executive Committee Agenda
Executive Director Evaluation.pdf form

10-23-17 Executive Committee Agenda
10-23-17 Supplemental Info – Office space costs 10-19-17

10-04-17 Executive Committee Agenda
10-04-17 Supplemental Info – Office space evaluation

09-06-17 Executive Committee Agenda

08-02-17 Executive Committee Agenda

06-07-17 Executive Committee Agenda

05-03-17 Executive Committee Agenda

04-05-17 Executive Committee Agenda

03-01-17 Executive Committee Agenda

02-01-17 Executive Committee Agenda

01-04-17 Executive Committee Agenda
01-04-17 Supplemental Info – R2CTPO Organizational Chart (01-01-17)
01-04-17 Supplemental Info – Executive Director’s Contract – Draft