Long Range Transportation Plan – LRTP

The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) was developed with the assistance of the TPO Board, standing committees, and other stakeholders. It is a policy document that guides the TPO in the development, management, and operation of a safe and efficient transportation system for the next 25 years.

The 2040 LRTP accomplishes the following:

  • Updates the River to Sea TPO’s vision, goals and objectives;
  • Develops performance measures that align the goals and objectives with national transportation goals;
  • Describes the existing transportation system;
  • Identifies current and future transportation system needs for the 25-year planning period;
  • Forecasts future federal and state transportation revenues;
  • Develops a Congestion Management Process (CMP) to identify congestion and prioritize improvements to relieve it; and
  • Identifies and prioritizes improvements into a Cost Feasible plan.

R2CTPO-2040-LRTP-Documentation-(Adopted 1-27-16) (Amended 1-23-2019)

2040 LRTP Appendices (Amended 1-23-19)

2040 LRTP Summary