Priority Projects

Priority Project Lists

Each year, the River to Sea TPO solicits project applications from local governments to compete for federal and state transportation funding.  From these applications, the TPO develops a draft list of project priorities that it makes available for public review and comment.  The TPO Board adopted the 2022 List of Prioritized Projects during their June 22, 2022 meeting.

Priority Project Governing Resolutions:

Executed Resolution 2020-23 (Establishing Policy for STBG SU Funding)
Executed Resolution 2020-24 (Defining Local Match Requirements)
Executed Resolution 2020-25 (Reaffirming Policy for Establishing and Maintaining Priority Projects)


2022 Lists of Priority Projects (Adopted 06-22-2022)


2021 List of Priority Projects  (Adopted 06-23-2021)


2020 List of Priority Projects  (Adopted 06-24-2020)


2019 List of Priority Projects (Adopted 06-26-2019)


2018 List of Priority Projects (Adopted 06-27-2018)


2017 List of Priority Projects (Adopted 06-28-2017)


2016 List of Priority Projects (Adopted 6-22-2016)