River to Sea TPO Documents

The River to Sea TPO is required to produce a series of planning documents in accordance with various state and federal guidelines. These documents are developed utilizing the critical input and expertise of various River to Sea TPO committee members, technical consultants, concerned citizens, and support staff.  In addition, the River to Sea TPO participates in many transportation-related planning studies to gather the information needed to make informed decisions. The documents produced by the TPO are always available in draft form for public review prior to adoption by the TPO Board. They continue to be available for review after adoption at the River to Sea TPO office.

Image of the cover of the 2023 River to Sea TPO Legislative PositionsLegislative Positions

Each year, organizations review issues and establish positions on a variety of items that may be discussed during the upcoming legislative session.  The River to Sea TPO adopted the 2023 Legislative Positions on November 30, 2022.

2023 R2CTPO Legislative Positions (Adopted 11-30-22)



Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
The TPO has adopted the State of Florida Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) policies and procedures:
State of Florida DBE Program (adopted by TPO)

TPO Member Reference Manual
TPO Member Reference Manual

TPO Employee Handbook
TPO Employee Handbook

Federal-Aid Highway/Functional Classification
The functional classification is directly tied to the Federal-Aid Highway System and to eligibility for Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds and other federal highway funding. Federal-aid roads are those on the National Highway System (NHS) or functionally classified as Urban Collector/Rural Major Collector, or higher. They are eligible for STP funds from the Federal Highway Administration. Please note that all information on these maps is subject to verification with the Florida Department of Transportation and FHWA.  Refer to the FDOT websites below:
Functional Classification Handbook
Florida Federal Aid System

TPO Audit Report
FY 23 Ended River to Sea TPO Audit Report (Approved 1-24-24)

TPO Budget
FY 23-24 River to Sea TPO Budget (Approved 05-28-23)

R2CTPO Purchasing Manual (Approved 08-27-14)Purchasing Manual
River to Sea TPO Purchasing Manual (Approved 08-27-14)





2023 River to Sea TPO Federal Certification
R2CTPO Certification Letter
R2CTPO TMA Certification Report

2023 FDOT/River to Sea TPO Joint Certification Report
2023 FDOT-TPO Joint Certification Review

River to Sea Continuity of Operation Plan (COOP)
Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) (04-26-2023)