Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board – TDLCB

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The primary purpose of the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board (TDLCB) is to assist the designated Official Planning Agency (River to Sea TPO) in identifying local service needs and providing information, advice and direction to the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) (Votran) on the coordination of services to be provided to the transportation disadvantaged pursuant to Chapter 427.0157, Florida Statutes. The TDLCB meets on the second Wednesday of every other month in January at 11:00 a.m. at Votran. Beginning in January 2020, the TDLCB will meet on a quarterly basis, in January, April, July and October.

The TDLCB has two standing committees: the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) and the Grievance Committee (GC).  The QAC is responsible for the update of the TDLCB Bylaws and coordinates with Votran in reviewing and establishing standards to provide a more efficient system. Reviews include, but are not limited to, the annual CTC Evaluation and the Annual Operating Report (AOR).

The primary purpose of the Grievance Committee is to process and investigate complaints from agencies and users of the system in the designated service area and make recommendations to the TDLCB for improvement of service. This procedure is made available to agencies with Purchase of Service Agreements (POS) contracts, users, or potential users of the system in Volusia County to hear complaints and provide a mechanism for issues to be brought before the Grievance Committee which shall meet as often as necessary to address unresolved complaints in a timely manner.  This committee also reviews and updates the TDLCB Grievance Procedures.

If you have an interest in serving on the TDLCB, please fill out the form below and forward it to
TDLCB Interest Form


TDLCB Bylaws (adopted 07-10-19)

TDLCB Grievance Procedures (adopted 07-11-18)



Voting Members

  • FDOT Carlos Colon
    Diane Poitras (alternate)
  • Department of Children & Families Julia Marshall
    Evelyn Lynam (alternate)
  • Public Education Community Vacant
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Veterans Services Group Robert Watson
    Raymond Allen (alternate)
  • Disabled Citizens Judy Craig - TDLCB Vice Chairperson
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Citizens Advocates Jean Cerullo
    Renee Gahagan (alternate)
  • Citizens Advocates, System User Doug Hall
    Marina Villena (alternate)
  • Elderly Citizens Patricia Lipovsky
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Children at Risk Beverly Johnson
    DJ Lebo (alternate)
  • Volusia County Volusia County Council Member Heather Post - Chairperson
  • Elder Affairs Charly Poniatowski
    Gladys Lacen and Paula Cargile (alternates)
  • Association of Community Action Clayton Jackson
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Health Care Administration Tamyika Young
    Calvin Smith (alternate)
  • Work Force Development Board Robin King
    Kathy Spencer (alternate)
  • Medical Community Patricia Boswell
    Ethan Johnson (alternate)
  • Private-for-Profit Steve Jack
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services Kim Houghton
    Susan Pauley (alternate)
  • Agency for Persons with Disabilities Vacant

Non-Voting Members

  • Votran Frank Alvarez
    Rob Stephens (alternate)
  • River to Sea TPO Stephan Harris



11-13-19 TDLCB Agenda
11-13-19 Public Hearing Agenda

09-11-19 QAC Agenda
09-11-19 TDLCB Agenda
1-Volusia County Summary
2-AOR Data Submission Summary
3-AOR_CTC_Organization Certification Report
4-AOR Coordinated System Information
5-Trips Report (1)
6-AOR Vehicles And Drivers Report
7-AOR Revenue Sources Report (1)
8-AOR Expense Sources Report

07-10-19 TDLCB Agenda
07-10-19 QAC Agenda

05-08-19 TDLCB Agenda

03-13-19 TDLCB Agenda

01-09-19 QAC Agenda
01-09-19 TDLCB Agenda


11-14-18 QAC Agenda
11-14-18 TDLCB Agenda
2018 Votran AOR Update
AER FY 2017-18
Votran AOR LCB Summary Memo

09-12-18 TDLCB Agenda
AOR 17-18 with Issues
Volusia County Signed 2017 AOR Face Sheet
Votran AOR LCB Summary Memo 091018
FY 17-18 TPO Public Outreach Summary

07-11-18 TDLCB Agenda
07-11-18 QAC & Grievance Committee Agenda

05-09-18 TDLCB Agenda
DRAFT 2018 CTC Annual Evaluation

03-14-18 TDLCB Agenda
03-14-18 QAC Agenda
03-14-18 TDLCB Handouts

01-10-18 TDLCB Agenda
Updated Bus Stop Improvement Plan Presentation




07-10-19 TDLCB Minutes
05-08-19 TDLCB Minutes
03-13-19 TDLCB Minutes
01-09-19 TDLCB Minutes

11-14-18 TDLCB Meeting – No Quorum
09-12-19 TDLCB Minutes
07-11-18 TDLCB Minutes
05-09-18 TDLCB Minutes
03-14-18 TDLCB Minutes
01-10-18 TDLCB Minutes