Community Presentations

The River to Sea TPO staff is available to speak at various events in an effort to help increase awareness of transportation planning, decision-making, bicycle and pedestrian safety, or other transportation-related issues. Contact us at to schedule a presentation or visit to your organization or group.

River to Sea TPO Speaker’s Bureau

We now have a Speakers’ Bureau! Do you need a speaker for your event, group, committee, or board to talk about distracted driving, speeding, or drunk or drugged driving? We can help! Contact Pamela Blankenship, the River to Sea TPO’s Community Outreach Coordinator at to schedule a presentation.

2023 Flagler Schools Resolution Re: Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Week

TPO Presentations

Presentation on what the TPO is and what we do:

What is the TPO? Presentation

Presentation on Parliamentary Procedures:

Parliamentary Procedures Presentation

Federal Certification Review Public Meeting Presentation (June 14, 2023):

Federal Certification Public Meeting Presentation

2019 Annual Planning Retreat Presentation (February 25, 2019):

Tallahassee Speaker Series – TPO Annual Retreat Presentation

2018 Annual Planning Retreat Presentations (March 23, 2018):

1 – What is a Smart City -Nelson Caparas

2 – Connected Vehicles – Kris Milster

3 – Applied Information – Sheldon Pafford- Chris Holloway

4 – Evolving Policy – Abby Morgan

5 – Future of Technology – Charles Reinholtz

2017 Annual Planning Retreat Presentations (March 3, 2017):

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Thomas Ruppert

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Kari Hewitt

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Dr. Jason Evans

Ch 13 News/On Demand Ad for Volusia TPO Safety Videos