Community Presentations/Photos

The River to Sea TPO staff is available to speak at various events in an effort to help increase awareness of transportation planning, decision-making, bicycle and pedestrian safety or other transportation-related issues. Contact us at to schedule a presentation or visit to your organization or group.

Below are some of the recent TPO presentations:

Federal Certification Review Public Meeting Presentation (June 11, 2019)

2019 River to Sea TPO Public Input Meeting Presentation

2019 Annual Planning Retreat Presentation (February 25, 2019)

Tallahassee Speaker Series – TPO Annual Retreat Presentation

2018 Annual Planning Retreat Presentations (March 23, 2018)

1 – What is a Smart City -Nelson Caparas

2 – Connected Vehicles – Kris Milster

3 – Applied Information – Sheldon Pafford- Chris Holloway

4 – Evolving Policy – Abby Morgan

5 – Future of Technology – Charles Reinholtz

2017 Annual Planning Retreat Presentations (March 3, 2017):

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Thomas Ruppert

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Kari Hewitt

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Dr. Jason Evans


Ch 13 News/On Demand Ad for Volusia TPO Safety Videos

03-02-19 Daytona Lions  Community Health Fair Helmet Fitting

03-01-19 Turnbull Bay Bridge Ribbon Cutting

02-27-19 Not So Noisy Bike Week – DSC & BCU

02-25-19 Not So Noisy Bike Week – ERAU

02-25-19 Annual TPO Retreat

01-10-19 TRAC Training

12-08-18 Light Up Midtown Health Fair Helmet Fitting

11-13-18 GIS Day

11-03-18 Halifax Art Festival Helmet Fitting

11-01-18 Palm Coast Presentation and Helmet Fitting

10-27-18 White Cane Awareness Day

10-27-18 New Smyrna Beach Farmer’s Market

10-12-18 Walk to School Day – Indian River Elementary and Campbell Middle

10-6-18 Port Orange Family Days

07-21-18 Tour de Palm Coast Helmet Fitting


06-02-18 Trails Day – DeBary Hall

05-05-18 Oak Hill Community Festival

03-23-18 TPO Annual Retreat on Transportation Technology

02-19 through 02-21 and 02-23-18 Not So Noisy Bike Week

12-09-17 Light Up Midtown Health Fair Helmet Fitting

 11-18-17 SUN Trail Dale Ave Ext. Ribbon Cutting


10-26-17 White Cane and Pedestrian Safety Day

10-28-17 St. Johns River to Sea Loop Summit

09-30-17 Port Orange Family Days