Community Presentations/Photos

The River to Sea TPO staff is available to speak at various events in an effort to help increase awareness of transportation planning, decision-making, bicycle and pedestrian safety or other transportation-related issues. Contact us at to schedule a presentation or visit to your organization or group.

River to Sea TPO Speaker’s Bureau

We now have a Speakers’ Bureau! Do you need a speaker for your event, group, committee or board to speak about distracted driving, speeding or drunk or drugged driving? We can help! Contact Pamela Blankenship, the River to Sea TPO’s Community Outreach Coordinator at to schedule a presentation.

TPO Presentations

Presentation on what the TPO is and what we do

What is the TPO? Presentation

Presentation on Parliamentary Procedures

Parliamentary Procedures Presentation

Federal Certification Review Public Meeting Presentation (June 11, 2019)

2019 River to Sea TPO Public Input Meeting Presentation

2019 Annual Planning Retreat Presentation (February 25, 2019)

Tallahassee Speaker Series – TPO Annual Retreat Presentation

2018 Annual Planning Retreat Presentations (March 23, 2018)

1 – What is a Smart City -Nelson Caparas

2 – Connected Vehicles – Kris Milster

3 – Applied Information – Sheldon Pafford- Chris Holloway

4 – Evolving Policy – Abby Morgan

5 – Future of Technology – Charles Reinholtz

2017 Annual Planning Retreat Presentations (March 3, 2017):

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Thomas Ruppert

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Kari Hewitt

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Dr. Jason Evans

Ch 13 News/On Demand Ad for Volusia TPO Safety Videos

Community Event Photos

08-06-22 Back to School Jam in Palm Coast

07-23-22 Tour de Palm Coast

05-23-22 Oakridge Boulevard Ribbon Cutting

04-25-22 Family Fun Health Day

04-23-23 Trail Day on the A1A

04-02-22 Ponce Inlet Community Day

03-19-22 Ponce Preserves the Planet Event


01-21-22 Spring to Spring Trail Ribbon Cutting

12-08-21 Annual TPO Holiday Open House & Toy Drive

Colleen Nicoulin and Martha Moore smiling for the camera Nancy Burgess Hall smiling and Doug Hall looking at Watson his golden retriever









A group of six people sitting around a conference room table

Colleen Nicoulin Debbie Stewart, Pamela Blankenship and Stephan Harris standing in front of a group of toys that were collected.









11-03-21 The House Next Door Helmet Fitting

Pamela Blankenship fitting a bicycle helmet on a little boy










10-16-21 SR A1A Andy Romano Beachfront Park Safety Outreach Event

Colleen Nicoulin speaking to two men about TPO topics

Gayle Belin and her husband standing in front of the Ped safety pledge sign

10-15-21 Pedestrian Safety Event at Stetson University

Large group of people gathered in front of Stetson building for a picture

People standing and walking

10-02-21 SR A1A Sun Splash Park Safety Outreach Event

Colleen Nicoulin Signing the FDOT Safety Pledge card

Colleen Nicoulin talking to a man and a woman at the TPO table.

09-25-21 Port Orange Family Days

The River to Sea TPO Display Table with a spin wheel for prizes A Family standing at the TPO's display table

09-18-21 SR A1A Flagler Avenue Beachfront Park Safety Outreach Event

Group of four people under the FDOT tent in the Flagler Ave park

Group of five people posing for the camera



Man speaking with a customer about the TPO's bicycle map The TPO and FDOT tables from a distance











08-04-21 Cimmaron Drive Neighborhood Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Presentation







07-30-21 Osteen Elementary Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Presentation


06-29-21 Spirit Elementary Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Presentation

05-22-21 Spring to Spring Trail Ribbon Cutting

TV with words Ribbon cutting for the newest segment of the spring to spring trail saturday May 22 10:30 a.m. and the backdrop is a paved trail surrounded by trees program guide for the Gemini Springs Trail ribbon cutting ceremony sitting on top of green River to Sea TPO plastic band aid kits









Jason Aufdenberg with his bicycle and Bob Storke smiling for the cameraBob Storke, Stephan Harris and Pamela Blankenship standing behind the River to Sea TPO booth with Stephan holding a piece of the red, white and blue ribbon from the ribbon cutting of the trail








County Chair Brower, Amy Munizzi and Council Member Barbara Girtman smiling for the camera10 people in a line with Barbara Girtman cutting the ribbon for the new trail







05-20-21 Gobblers Lodge Trail Ribbon Cutting

Six people important to the trail's opening posing for the camera at the start fo the trail

Pat Norther standing with four other people cutting the ribbon for the trail opening








Six people who helped make the trail happen posing for the camera the sign for the Coast to Coast trail that depicts a map of the loop. The Gobblers Lodge Trail is in the background








a water bottle with the River to Sea TPO 2019 Bicycle Suitability Map attached to a bicycleMaggie Ardito and Patricia Northey smiling for the camera








05-15-21 Rick Zimmer Memorial Golf Tournament

Four men including Walter Lacey on the far right (from the River to Sea TPO) posing on the golf course

River to Sea TPO golf hole sponsorship sign


04-07-21 Flagler County Sheriff Bicycle Light Set Distribution Partnership

Sheriff Staly with Pamela Blankenship holding bicycle light sets