Community Presentations/Photos

The River to Sea TPO staff is available to speak at various events in an effort to help increase awareness of transportation planning, decision-making, bicycle and pedestrian safety or other transportation-related issues. Contact us at to schedule a presentation or visit to your organization or group.

Below are some of the recent TPO presentations:

Federal Certification Review Public Meeting Presentation (June 11, 2019)

2019 River to Sea TPO Public Input Meeting Presentation

2019 Annual Planning Retreat Presentation (February 25, 2019)

Tallahassee Speaker Series – TPO Annual Retreat Presentation

2018 Annual Planning Retreat Presentations (March 23, 2018)

1 – What is a Smart City -Nelson Caparas

2 – Connected Vehicles – Kris Milster

3 – Applied Information – Sheldon Pafford- Chris Holloway

4 – Evolving Policy – Abby Morgan

5 – Future of Technology – Charles Reinholtz

2017 Annual Planning Retreat Presentations (March 3, 2017):

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Thomas Ruppert

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Kari Hewitt

Sea Level Rise Presentation – Dr. Jason Evans


Ch 13 News/On Demand Ad for Volusia TPO Safety Videos

04-07-21 Flagler County Sheriff Bicycle Light Set Distribution Partnership

Sheriff Staly with Pamela Blankenship holding bicycle light sets





02-18-21 DeBary-Deltona-Orange City Rotary Presentation

Pamela Blankenship standing at a podium giving a presentation Pam Blankenship and the President of the Rotary CLub standing in front of the Rotary sign








12-16-20 River to Sea TPO Annual Open House
TPO Staff and Christy Gillis from DCF holding donated toys






Mugs with candy canes and thank you notes






Colleen Nicoulin and Dave Castagnacci talking while being socially distanced







12-11-20 Outstanding Planning Study Award for TPO Connected and Automated Vehicles Readiness Study and Technology Transition Plan
Colleen Nicoulin holding an award in front of a Christmas tree



08-27-20 Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Event at Mainland High School

Cyclist approaching a Red pedestrian flashing beacon Pedestrian crossing the street at a pedestrian hybrid beacon





07-2020 Volusia & Flagler County Sheriffs’ Office Bicycle/Pedestrian Light Distribution

Sheriff Chitwood and Pamela Blankenship holding bicycle lights



Sheriff Staly and Pamela Blankenship holding bicycle lights




02-19-20 TPO Presentation to the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce

Colleen Nicoulin posing in front of the Chamber of Commerce Sign



Chamber of Commerce members of the audience sitting in chairs






02-11-20 Transportation Disadvantaged Day in Tallahassee

Stephan Harris, Edie Biro, Judy Craig and Elizabeth Fetterhoff posing



Votran Busses on Display at the Capitol




03-02-19 Daytona Lions Community Health Fair Helmet Fitting

03-01-19 Turnbull Bay Bridge Ribbon Cutting

02-27-19 Not So Noisy Bike Week – DSC & BCU

02-25-19 Annual TPO Retreat

01-10-19 TRAC Training

12-08-18 Light Up Midtown Health Fair Helmet Fitting

11-13-18 GIS Day

11-03-18 Halifax Art Festival Helmet Fitting

11-01-18 Palm Coast Presentation and Helmet Fitting

10-27-18 White Cane Awareness Day

10-27-18 New Smyrna Beach Farmer’s Market

10-12-18 Walk to School Day – Indian River Elementary and Campbell Middle

10-6-18 Port Orange Family Days

07-21-18 Tour de Palm Coast Helmet Fitting


06-02-18 Trails Day – DeBary Hall

05-05-18 Oak Hill Community Festival

03-23-18 TPO Annual Retreat on Transportation Technology

02-19 through 02-21 and 02-23-18 Not So Noisy Bike Week

12-09-17 Light Up Midtown Health Fair Helmet Fitting

 11-18-17 SUN Trail Dale Ave Ext. Ribbon Cutting