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The River to Sea TPO  is created under the provisions of 23 U.S.C. Section 134 and designated by the Governor of Florida, under Section 339.175 of the Florida Statutes, to develop transportation plans and programs for the designated Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). The membership of the TPO, as outlined in Section 339.175 F.S., is determined by agreement between the Governor and the units of general purpose local governments within the MPA. Membership is intended to ensure equitable representation of the populations served by the organization as well as input by major transportation service providers such as airports and mass transit. Various agencies are also represented including the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Members of the TPO operate through the establishment of interlocal agreements.

The River to Sea TPO is comprised of a policy-setting board which consists of elected officials representing all of the local governments, including municipal and county entities.  This is the policy body of the organization, composed of the elected officials of the general purpose local government entities and appointed officials of the providers of transportation in the designated metropolitan planning area.

The River to Sea TPO Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month (with the exception of July and December which are typically cancelled) and all meetings are properly noticed and open to the public. Board meetings are held at the River to Sea TPO office and begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. In accordance with the adopted bylaws of the TPO, each meeting agenda includes an opportunity for “citizens to comment or be heard on any matter pertinent to the urban transportation planning process.”  This provides time for citizens to address the River to Sea TPO Board regarding a broad range of transportation-related topics.

The River to Sea TPO has also established a series of committees, subcommittees and working groups that assemble regularly to investigate specific topics in greater detail than what is typically accomplished at board meetings.  These groups include the Executive Committee, Budget Subcommittee, Nominating Committee and the Legislative Issues Subcommittee, among others.  For information regarding the specific activities of these groups, please contact the TPO staff at


River to Sea TPO Bylaws (Approved 6-25-14)

View TPO Bylaws


Voting Members

  • Beverly Beach Jeffrey Schuitema - Commissioner
    Steve Emmett - Mayor (Alternate)
  • Bunnell John Rogers - Vice Mayor
  • Daytona Beach Robert Gilliland - Commissioner
    Pamela Woods - Commissioner (alternate)
  • Daytona Beach Shores Nancy Miller - Mayor
  • DeBary Karen Chasez - Mayor
  • DeLand Chris Cloudman - Commissioner
  • Deltona Victor Ramos - Vice Mayor
    Anita Bradford - Commissioner (Alternate)
  • Edgewater Christine Power - Councilwoman
  • Flagler Beach Rick Belhumeur - Commissioner
  • Flagler County Joe Mullins - Vice Mayor
    Donald O'Brien Jr. - County Chair (alternate)
  • Holly Hill Roy Johnson - Commissioner
    Chris Via - Mayor (alternate)
  • Lake Helen Vernon Burton - Commissioner
  • New Smyrna Beach Jason McGuirk - Commissioner
    (TPO Chairperson)
    Randy Hartman - Commissioner (alternate)
  • Oak Hill Bill Lindlau - Commissioner
  • Orange City Jeff Allebach - Council Member
  • Ormond Beach Dwight Selby - Commissioner
    Rob Littleton - Commissioner (alternate)
  • Palm Coast Bob Cuff - Council Member
    Vince Lyon - Council Member (alternate)
  • Pierson Samuel G.S. Bennett - Council Member
  • Ponce Inlet Joe Perrone - Council Member
    Lois Paritsky - Council Member (alternate)
  • Port Orange Scott Stiltner - Council Member
  • South Daytona Ralph Schoenherr - Councilman
    Doug Quartier - Councilman (alternate)
  • Volusia County – District 1 Barbara Girtman - Council Member
    (TPO 2nd Vice Chairperson)
  • Volusia County – District 2 Billie Wheeler - Council Member
    (TPO 1st Vice Chairperson)
  • Volusia County - District 3 Deb Denys - Council Member
  • Volusia County Council Chairperson Ed Kelley - County Council Chair
  • Volusia County – District 5 Dr. Fred Lowry - County Council Vice Chair
  • Volusia County - Alternate Ben Johnson - Council Member
  • Volusia County - Alternate Heather Post - Council Member

Non-Voting Members

  • Volusia County School Board Carl Persis
  • Flagler County School Board Andy Dance
  • FDOT (non-voting advisor) Vickie Wyche - TPO Liaison
  • BPAC Chairperson Paul Eik
  • CAC Chairperson Nora Jane Gillespie
  • TCC Chairperson Jose Papa




Draft Tell The TPO Survey Brochure 2020

06-24-2020 TPO Agenda

DRAFT FY 2020-21 to FY 2024-25 TIP-(Revised June 2020)

Please join the 06-24-20 River to Sea TPO Board meeting by clicking on the link below:

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll Free): 1-866-899-4679
United States: 312-757-3117

Access Code: 385-728-069

05-27-2020 TPO Agenda

DRAFT FY 2020-21 to FY 2024-25 TIP_05202020
TIP Comparison Report – Current Adopted to Proposed Draft TIP_05202020

04-22-2020 TPO Agenda
Prioritization Approach – Connect 2045 DRAFT v3
04-21-2020 CAC Report
04-21-2020 TCC Report
04-21-2020 2045 LRTP Subcommittee Report

Please join the TPO Board meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click the link below:

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679
United States: +1 (312) 757-3117

Access Code: 248-973-325

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03-25-20 TPO Agenda
DRAFT Resolution 2020-05 (Authorizing Limited Approval Authority During the Declared State of Emergency)
LRTP Presentation
Connect 2045 Needs Assessment v3

This meeting will be held online/phone only
Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679
United States: +1 (669) 224-3318

Access Code: 965-153-013

02-26-20 TPO Agenda
Preliminary Assessment of Transportation Facilities and Improvements
LPGA Sub Area Study Presentation
Sea Level Rise and Resiliency Presentation

01-22-20 TPO Agenda


11-27-19 TPO Agenda
Draft FY 2018-19 TPO Public Outreach Summary
11-27-19 TPO Handouts

10-23-19 TPO Agenda
FY 18-19 Public Outreach Presentation
FY 18-19 TPO Public Outreach Summary
Public Involvement Evaluation Matrix FY 2018-19
R FTP 2045 Presentation
2045 LRTP Update Presenation
Tomoka Farms Rd at Pioneer-Trail Presentation
WPPH Presentation
10-23-19 TPO Handouts

09-25-19 TPO Agenda
09-25-19 TPO Board Handouts

08-28-19 TPO Agenda
FDOT Oakridge Blvd Lane Reduction Presentation

06-26-19 TPO Board Agenda
Voyage Presentation (SunnySide May 21)
TPO Board Step It Up Presentation
CSAP Presentation
LRTP Presentation
R2CTPO Joint Certification – Final
06-26-19 TPO Board Handouts

05-22-19 TPO Agenda
R R2CTPO Joint Certification Presentation
V US 17 Presentation
W ECFRRAP Presentation
DRAFT FY 2019-20 – FY 2023-24 TIP (5-15-19)
MPO Joint Certification Part 1 and Part 2

04-24-19 TPO Agenda

03-27-19 TPO Agenda

02-27-19 TPO Agenda
DRAFT FY 2018-19 and FY 2019-20 UPWP Amendment (2-15-19)
Roundabouts Overview Presentation
02-27-19 TPO Handout

01-23-19 TPO Agenda
Final 2018 Tentative Work Program
Priority Project Process Handout


11-28-18 TPO Agenda
SJR2C Presentation
2018 Regional Trails Program Presentation

10-24-18 TPO Agenda
Draft TPO 2017/18 Annual Financial Report
10-24-18 TPO Handouts

09-26-18 TPO Agenda
Draft CMP Performance Measures Report (9-17-18)

08-22-18 TPO Board Agenda
DRAFT FY 2018-19 to FY 2022-23 TIP (8-13-18)
08-22-18 TPO Handouts

06-27-18 TPO Agenda
R2CTPO TSM&O Master Plan Phase 2 Final Draft
FY 2017-18 TPO Highlights Presentation
06-27-18 TPO Board Handout

05-23-18 TPO Agenda
DRAFT FY 2018-19 to FY 2022-23 TIP
TIP Compare Report (Current Adopted TIP to Proposed New)
Draft R2CTPO TSM&O Master Plan Phase 2 (5-15-18)

04-25-18 TPO Agenda
03-23-18 TPO Retreat Summary

03-28-18 TPO Agenda

02-28-18 TPO Agenda
Draft FY 2018-19 and FY 2019-20 UPWP (DRAFT 2-23-18)
02-28-18 TPO Handouts

01-24-18 TPO Agenda
Draft R2CTPO FY 2016/17 Independent Audit Report



01-22-2020 TPO Minutes
02-26-2020 TPO Minutes
03-25-2020 TPO Minutes
04-22-2020 TPO Minutes
05-27-2020 TPO Minutes


01-23-19 TPO Minutes
02-27-19 TPO Minutes
03-27-19 TPO Minutes
04-24-19 TPO Minutes
05-22-19 TPO Minutes
06-26-19 TPO Minutes
08-28-19 TPO Minutes
09-25-19 TPO Minutes
10-23-19 TPO Minutes
11-27-19 TPO Minutes

01-24-18 TPO Minutes
02-28-18 TPO Minutes
03-28-18 TPO Minutes
04-25-18 TPO Minutes
05-23-18 TPO Minutes
06-27-18 TPO Minutes
08-22-18 TPO Minutes
09-26-18 TPO Minutes
10-24-18 TPO Minutes
11-28-18 TPO Minutes




2020-01 (Supporting for Locally Preferred Alternative for the Design of I-95 Interchange at Pioneer Trail)
2020-02 (Amending FY 2019-20 to 2023-24 TIP)
2020-03 (Adopting Transportation Safety Targets)
2020-04 (Authorizing Execution of a Supp. Agreement, Deob of funds and amend FY 2018-19 and 2019-20 UPWP)
2020-05 (Authorizing Emergency Approvals)
2020-06 (Adopting FY 2020-21 and 2021-22 UPWP)
2020-07 (Adopting Sea Level Rise Policy Planning Statement)
2020-08 (Authorizing the Execution of the TD Trust Fund Grant Agreement with FL CTD)
2020-09 (Adopting the FY 2020-21 to 2024-25 TIP)
2020-10 (Amending the FY 2019-20 to 2023-24 TIP)
2020-11 (Adopting the 2020 LOPP)
2020-13 (Authorizing the Execution of the MPO Agreement for use of Federal Planning Funds)

2019-01 (Amending the 2040 LRTP)
2019-02 (Reaffirming the Policy for Establishing and Maintaining Transportation Priority Projects)
2019-03 (Defining the Local Match Requirements Placed on Member Local Governments for Projects Prioritized by the TPO)
2019-04 (Adopting Transportation Safety Targets)
2019-05 (Amending the FY 2018-19 to 2022-23 TIP)
2019-06 (Amending the FY 2018-19-FY 2019-20 UPWP)
2019-07 (Amending the FY 2018-19 to 2022-23 TIP)
2019-08 (Amending the FY 2018-19 to 2022-23 TIP)
2019-09 (Authorizing Execution of TD Trust Fund Grant Agreement for FY 2019-20)
2019-10 (Authorize Filing & Execution of FTA grant for 5305(d) funds)
2019-11 (Adopting the 2019 Bicycle Suitability Map)
2019-12 (Adopting the 2019 List of Priority Projects LOPP)
2019-13 (Adopting the FY 2019-20 to 2023-24 TIP)
2019-14 (Supporting the East Central Florida Regional Resilience Action Plan)
2019-15 (Opposing the Draft Policy for the LAP that Limits Programming Authority of MPOs and Restricts Open Access to Fed Funding for Local Govts)
2019-16 (Adopting the R2CTPO Public Participation Plan)
2019-17 (Amending the FY 2019-20 to 2023-24 TIP)
2019-18 (Amending the 2040 LRTP)
2019-19 (Adopting the Complete Streets Policy)
2019-20 (Amending the FY 2019-20 to 2023-24 TIP)
2019-21 (Supporting Safety Improvements at Pioneer Trail and Tomoka Farms)
2019-22 (Adopting the CSAP)
2019-23 (Adopting the TPOs FY 2018-19 Public Outreach Summary)
2019-24 (Defining Local Match Requirements)
2019-25 (Reaffirming the Policy for Establishing and Maintaining Transportation Priority Projects)

2018-01 (Amending the FY 2017-18 to 2021-22 TIP)
2018-02 (Adopting R2CTPO Transportation Safety Targets)
2018-03 (Confirming R2CTPO SIS Priority Projects)
2018-04 (Amending the FY 2017-18 to 2021-22 TIP)
2018-05 (Authorizing Exec of Supp. Agrmnt to MPO Agrmnt for use of PL and SU Funds & Amending the 2016-17 and 2017-18 UPWP)
2018-06 (Deobligating Funds from the FY 2016-17 & 2017-18 UPWP)
2018-07 (Adopting the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Report)
2018-08 (Adopting the FY 2018-19 and 2019-20 UPWP)
2018-09 (Amending the FY 2017-18 to 2021-22 TIP)
2018-10 (Authorizing Execution of TD Trust Fund Grant Agreement-FY 2018-19)
2018-11 (Authorizing the Execution of the MPO Agreement for Use of PL and SU Funds)
2018-12 (Amending the FY 2017-18 to 2021-22 TIP)
2018-13 (Authorizing Filing & Execution of FTA 5305(d) Grant)
2018-14 (Authorizing Coordination with Votran for TD funds)
2018-15 (Adopting the FY 2018-19 to 2022-23 TIP)
2018-16 (Adopting the 2018 List of Priority Projects)
2018-17 (Adopting the TSM&O Master Plan Phase 2)
2018-18 (Reaffirming Opposition to Installation of Truck Rest Areas)
2018-19 (Amending the FY 2018-19 to 2022-23 TIP)
2018-20 (Adopting the 2018 Tell the TPO Survey Campaign Summary)
2018-21 (Adopting the I-95 to SR 417 Connector Study)
2018-22 (Adopting the 2018 Roadway Safety Evaluation & Improvement Study)
2018-23 (Adopting the Resilient Flagler County Report)
2018-24 (Adopting the R2CTPO FY 2017-18 Public Outreach Summary)
2018-25 (Adopting the TPM Targets)
2018-26 (Amending the FY 2017-18 to 2022-23 TIP)
2018-27 (Adopting the CMP and Performance Measures Report)



River to Sea TPO Board audio files are available by contacting TPO staff at