The River to Sea TPO is starting the public outreach effort for the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Please join us in marking your mark and  provide your input in creating our future!
Here is a listing of the Make Your Mark scheduled venues:
2040 LRTP Make Your Mark Events Schedule – Flyer

“I encourage you to participate in the discussion as we develop the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan. No matter what, your background, your thoughts and your experience as a member of this community are helpful.” Lois Bollenback R2CTPO Executive Director

Make Your Mark Planning Activity Overview:
  • A brief presentation is given explaining transportation planning and decision making and maps and handouts are provided with important local area information.
  • Participants are arranged into teams and each team selects a person to manage the Program Talley sheet and collect funds.
  • Participants receive money equal to estimated revenues through 2040 planning horizon  funding and a project price list.
  • After a brief strategy period – groups are asked to assign future population growth. At any point, teams may decide whether to levy a tax to meet their transportation needs.
  • After approximately one hour the planning activity ends and each group presents their long range plan projects.