TPO Committee-Board Update

Update on River to Sea TPO Board & Committee Meetings

In recent months, the River to Sea TPO Board and committee meetings have been held in a hybrid format with a physical quorum required to be present during meetings and other members and guests encouraged to attend remotely using a video meeting platform (in accordance with Florida law).

Several people have asked when we expect to return to normal meeting practices. While we’re happy to see vaccines being administered throughout the community and positivity rates declining, we continue to operate with caution, placing the health and safety of our TPO members, staff and the public at the forefront of our decisions.  As conditions change, we will continue to monitor and follow CDC guidance on workplace practices that support public health.

At this time, recommendations include social distancing, which means limiting the number of people physically present during meetings and wearing masks. The River to Sea TPO Executive Committee discussed current recommendations at their May 4th meeting and directed staff to continue these practices through the May and June meetings.

During July, the River to Sea TPO committees and Board take a month-long break. Prior to returning to our routine schedule in August, TPO leadership will monitor conditions and provide further direction.

Thank you for your continued support.