The River to sea TPO currently has two copiers that it uses on a regular basis a Sharp MX-620IN and a Sharp MX-231OU.  The firm that is successful in obtaining the new contract with the TPO will be responsible for returning these machines to the leasing company according to their instructions.  The proposals are to be received in the TPO office no later than 5:00 p.m. EDT March 21, 2018.  You will be asked to present your proposals to the Selection Committee on March 26, 2018 at a specified time which you will be notified of after March 21, 2018.  

 Scope of Services  – Color Copier

The River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (R2CTPO) is seeking a professional firm to lease two (2) new copy machines including service.  The purpose of this Invitation for Bid (IFB) is to solicit responses from qualified firms interested in providing the referenced services.

To be considered responsive applicants must submit the following:

  1. The firm’s name, address, phone number, website address and email address.
  2. The respondent should list and describe three (3) clients within the last year for which the respondent has provided the same or similar services to those being requested in the Scope of Services. Each example must include the name and address of the client and the name and telephone number of a contact person at the client’s organization.
  3. Three (3) professional references and contact information (email and phone numbers) for each one.
  4. Firm’s primary contact person(s), address, phone number and email address.
  5. Any certifications held by the firm providing the services or any other pertinent information.
  6. The following certifications/statements MUST be included:

a.  DBE Participation Statement

b.  Truth-In-Negotiations Certificate

c.  Non-Collusion Proposal Certification

d.  Certification of Eligibility

e.  Certification Regarding Lobbying

f.  Debarment and Suspension Certification

g.  E-Verify

Any proposals that do not contain ALL of the information detailed in the IFB packet located below WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

A meeting of potential proposers will be held at the TPO office on March 13, 2018 at 10:00 am.  Questions about the IFB or proposed Scope of Services may be submitted by email on or before March 15, 2018 to Herbert M. Seely at hseely@r2ctpo.org. Responses to questions will be posted on the TPO’s website at www.r2ctpo.org on or before March 16, 2018.

One (1) original, five (5) hard copies and one flash drive or compact disc (CD) containing the bid in .pdf format must be received by the River to Sea TPO no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 21, 2018. Bids received after this date and time WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

All bids shall be sealed and delivered or mailed to: (no faxes or emails):

River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)
2570 W. International Speedway Blvd., Suite 100
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
Attn: Herbert M. Seely/Copy Machine Services

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