Earth Day Press Release

CONTACT: Pamela Blankenship
386-226-0422 ext. 20416  


Small changes can make a big difference.

Daytona Beach, FL:  On April 22, 2017, as we celebrate Earth Day, the River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is reminded of our responsibility to do all we can to maintain and improve the planet for the next generation.

Perhaps you already recycle. You’ve installed energy-saving light bulbs and low-flow water fixtures and also adjusted your thermostat up. What else can you do? You may have overlooked one of the most effective ways to protect the earth and reduce global warming: taking the bus, train, walking or riding your bike instead of driving your car. Choosing to ride the bus, train, walk of bike over driving a car can save 4.7 billion gallons of gasoline annually and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The River to Sea TPO contributes to a healthier earth by advocating for the development of walkable communities through the funding of multipurpose trails and sidewalks. The TPO also promotes a cleaner environment through proper traffic signal timing and technologies which can reduce delays and stops by 30% or more according to the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE). It also reduces air pollution, idling time, gas consumption and improves driver satisfaction.

Walking, biking and taking transit are just a few things you can do to celebrate Earth Day. Small changes can make a big difference.

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For more information or media inquiries, please contact Pamela Blankenship, River to Sea TPO at PBlankenship@r2ctpo.otg or 386-226-0422 ext. 20416.