The VolusiaTPO has prepared a major update to our Public Participation Plan and
you are invited to read and comment on it.  This document outlines the
activities used to collect information from citizens as well as to inform and
involve the public in the transportation decisions made by the TPO.  The
45-day public comment period begins today (March 28, 2012) and runs through May
11, 2012.  The update will be presented to the VolusiaTPO’s committees in
April and for adoption on May 22, 2012 by the VolusiaTPO Board.

Click here to Download the Draft report: Draft PPP (05-22-12)(all comments incorporated)

Questions or comments can be submitted to Pamela Blankenship, Office Manager/Title VI
Coordinator at the VolusiaTPO via the following methods:
Mail: 2570 W. International Speedway Boulevard. Suite 100 Daytona
Beach, FL 32114
Phone: 386-226-0422 ext. 21