Request for Expanded Letters of Response:

Project Manager – Management of Design Contract for the design of sidewalk on north side of Washington Avenue from SR 15 (US 17) east to Pine Street in Pierson, Florida (FM# 430182- 1)

Notice is hereby given that the Volusia Transportation Planning Organization (VTPO) is soliciting Expanded Letters of Response from those qualified consultant(s). Consultant(s) must be pre- qualified by the Florida Department of Transportation for Major work – 3.1 – Minor Highway Design.

The pre-amble notice  states that all Expanded Letters of Interest are to be e-mailed and are limited in size to 1 MB.
Please Note:   The 1 MB restriction only applies to the eight (8) page
Expanded Letters of Interest and NOT to the additional required federal
and state forms as outlined in the advertisement

Click Here for Details on Scope and Timetable:   Request_for_Extended_Letters_of_Response_for_Oversight_of_Design