The VolusiaTPO BPAC is comprised of 16 citizen members, six non-voting members from various agencies and a coordinator, Stephan C. Harris. Accomplishments over the past year include: publishing the “Volusia County Bicycling Map for the Experienced Cyclist”, “It’s The Law” (3’ space) bumper stickers (by arrangement with the county, the sticker is placed on all county vehicles when serviced and on all Votran buses), “Bicycle and Pedestrian Child Safety” video to be shown in schools and other community outlets.  The school safety studies program is a continuing subcontracted study analyses for both pedestrian and cycling routes to Volusia County schools making recommendations for improvements.  The BPAC helps fund such improvements such as feeder trails and sidewalks. The BPAC and staff participate in helmet fittings at various events, averaging about 900 per year for children and adults.  These events include local festivals, the National Trails Day event and Port Orange Family Day (300 at this event alone).  The BPAC is a major participant in the  Safety Awareness Day, performs feasibility studies on proposed recreational trail projects, grades proposals and provides funding of up to 75% of recreational trail and sidewalk projects, and is beginning a signage project for trails and various feeders and sidewalks.  Congratulations  BPAC and Stephen Harris for a job well done!