Each year as we complete another cycle of the project prioritization process, the TPO staff asks the TIP Subcommittee to evaluate the process and recommend improvements for the next cycle.

10-13-15 TIP Subcommittee Agenda

Reference Materials:

2015 Priority Project Application for Transportation Alternatives Projects (Approved 11-26-14)
Memo Call for Projects 2015 ( 12-2-14) Lists of Prioritized Projects (Adopted June 24, 2015)
2015 Priority Project Application for Planning Studies (Approved 2-24-15)
2015 Priority Project Application for Traffic Ops-Safety Projects (Approved 11-26-14)
2016 Priority Process Schedule (calendar 10-1-15)
Executed Resolution 2015-05 (delineating local match requirements)
Executed Resolution 2014-07 Establishing and Maintaining Priority Projects
Executed Resolution 2015-06 (Reaffirming XU Set Aside Percentages)