TPO Staff

TPO Staff

The TPO staff provides the support necessary for the TPO Board members and their advisory committees to implement the long range transportation goals. Among other things, these activities include providing technical expertise in the development of transportation plans and programs, promoting public involvement in the decision-making process and supporting local communities in their general planning efforts.

Lois Bollenback

Executive Director
386-226-0422 ext. 20419

Herbert M. Seely

Chief Financial Officer
386-226-0422 ext. 20423

Stephan Harris

Transportation Planner – Project Manager
386-226-0422 ext. 20428

Bob Keeth, AICP

Senior Planner
386-226-0422 ext. 20424

Pamela Blankenship

Community Outreach Coordinator/Title VI Coordinator
386-226-0422 ext. 20416

Aarti Sharma

Transportation Database Manager
386-226-0422 ext. 20421

Debbie Stewart

Administrative Assistant
386-226-0422 ext. 20425


Vince Wang

Transit Program Manager
386-226-0422 ext. 20427
Votran Office: 386-756-7496 ext. 4123