Safety Program

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program

The program includes a variety of project planning and safety related activities to improve bicycling and walking in our communities.  The program considers funding the construction of new projects for sidewalks, bicycle trails and paths as well as promotional programs including bicycle safety for children and distributing bicycle helmets.

Bicycle Safety Information:

Bicycle Rodeo Handout [pdf ~ 124KB]

Bike Rodeo Handout [pdf ~ 1.8MB]

Bikeability Checklist [pdf ~ 848KB]

How to fit your helmet [pdf ~ 116KB]

Rodeo Manual (June 2006) [pdf ~ 80KB]

River to Sea TPO Bike Safety Decal [pdf ~ 685KB]

Bicycle Countermeasure Selection System

Bikesafe Cover [pdf ~ 188KB]

Bikesafe Intro [pdf ~ 100KB]

Bikesafe Chapter 1 [pdf ~ 272KB]

Bikesafe Chapter 2 [pdf ~ 284KB]

Bikesafe Chapter 3 [pdf ~ 2.2MB]

Bikesafe Chapter 4 [pdf ~ 772KB]

Bikesafe Chapter 5 [pdf ~ 4MB]

Bikesafe Chapter 6 [pdf ~ 5.3MB]

Bikesafe Chapter 7 [pdf ~ 176KB]

Bikesafe Chapter 8 [pdf ~ 148KB]

Bikesafe Chapter 9 [pdf ~ 80KB]

Pedestrian Safety Information

Walkability Checklist [pdf ~ 900KB]

Parent Survey English [pdf ~ 744KB]

Easy Steps Eng Color [pdf ~ 328KB]

How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan [pdf ~ 2.8MB]

FHWA residents guide to creating safe and walkable communities [pdf ~ 3.7MB]

Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

2010 SRTS Guidelines [pdf ~ 244KB]

SRTS Two Day Tally [pdf ~ 420KB]

SRTS Guide (FULL) [pdf ~ 48MB]

Specific Form Instructions [pdf ~ 52KB]

Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System

Pedsafe Cover [pdf ~ 300KB]

Pedsafe Table of Contents [pdf ~ 96KB]

Pedsafe Chapter 1 [pdf ~ 652KB]

Pedsafe Chapter 2 [pdf ~ 404KB]

Pedsafe Chapter 3 [pdf ~ 1MB]

Pedsafe Chapter 4 [pdf ~ 428KB]

Pedsafe Chapter 5 [pdf ~ 3.3MB]

Pedsafe Chapter 6 [pdf ~ 6.1MB]

Pedsafe Chapter 7 [pdf ~ 216KB]

Pedsafe Chapter Appendices [pdf ~ 564KB]

Pedsafe Chapter 8 Matrix [pdf ~ 24KB]

Pedsafe Chapter 9 References [pdf ~ 52KB]